All Your High-Res Base are Belong to Us [ IMAGE ]

Is it wrong that I want to see the entire opening from Zero Wing redone in high-res?

source: Dave Rapoza


  • thewood

    How about a whole HD remake of the whole game?

    • Never actually played Zero Wing before. Does it deserve an HD remake?

      • It was a fun game, at its time. If they revamped the whole game it would certainly be awesome.

        • Sensei Le Roof

          It had good music, too. I’m curious how it would sound redone with real instruments.

        • Fox

          Please, not a remake like the R-Type revival mess!
          Though R-Type Final cool, but barely playable.

      • Xuncu

        S’alright. Gameplay-wise, It’s no R-Type, and the main sell will always be the intro. The sprites (enemies and areas) were pretty well-designed, and as mentioned, the music was pretty good. Fairly hard.

  • H3xx

    Seizure warning.