8-bit Nintendo Animated GIF [ IMAGE ]

I felt this was cute and deserved to be shared.

source: Reddit


  • Ido013

    Pretty sweet, I just wonder though, does Samus really need to be right next to the metroids to kill them in the NES Metroid game?

    • No, I just think the image’s creator didn’t want to do with the bullet animations.

      • Ido013

        Epic lazy animators~

  • Nostalgia boner!!!

  • Ari

    I wouldn’t want a nostalgic boner. All I could think about was how great the LAST boner was and… I’d just end up disappointed. Love the GIF though.

  • Super like! I’ve been playing NES games when I was a child.

  • jetfirexx

    EPICNESS!!! 8bit Nintendo rocks!

  • Arkanoid

    This is an extremely old GIF

  • Steve, regarding your posts about buying games, building up a large collection and never playing them.

    How do you feel about Free to Play, like Steam is now pushing?

    For some reason they just don’t appeal to me – it’s like because they’re free, I don’t really own them and they aren’t a part of my ‘collection’.