18 Years of Pokémon [ IMAGE ]

I understand that this image is only through Pokémon Black/White 2 and not Pokémon X and Y that came out last year, as well. So, technically even though the Pokémon franchise came out 18 years ago this is really 16 years of Pokémon. BUT this image itself came out in 2013, so when it was made it was actually 17 years of Pokémon. So… How about we just agree to disagree.

I know that this may be an older image for some of you. You see, I don’t always view all gaming related content right when it comes out. Because of the vast amount of it on the internet, quite a lot of stuff slips under my radar. Remember, I’m just a single person. So that means when I find something older, I still want to share it. Because if it’s new to me it’s probably new to someone else, too.

You know, if you find something you want me to share there is a submit link in the upper right corner of every page of this site. A lot of you already take advantage of it, and I really appreciate it, but it is there for anyone whom hasn’t. Just saying…

source: Twitter