Wilt: Last Blossom [ GAME ]

Fun Metroidvania type platformer. Lots to explore, but the first boss you fight is majorly op. Still lots of fun.

Walkthrough is available at anytime by clicking the “?” in the lower right hand corner.

arrow keys ~ move
A ~ jump
S ~ attack
D ~ throw grenades
F ~ release energy blast
SPACE ~ interact

source: 8bitSkull!


  • Flareo

    awesome. game. would love to have an mp3 of the title music. its creepy awesome 8 bit goodnes.

  • TNK

    Not bad gameplay, I’m not a big fan of the music though. I love 8 bit music to death but this just sounds ear grinding to me.

  • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    Quite good. The first boss wasn’t actually overpowered, it only takes about four hits to kill. You just need the right timing.

    • Metal C0Mmander

      You also need to know to make him colide with the spikes comming from the celling. I tought the game was glitched until I understood that.

      • Dash12345678

        I thought the same thing. I think I got two or three hits on him my first attempt against the boss without even realizing the stalactites existed, and only realized those were the whole point of the fight after a number of minutes through my second attempt to fight it. After realizing this, the boss is really quite easy.