Which…? [ GAME ]

Which is a clever point-and-click game that challenges your brain to differentiate between from two similar objects. Some of them are a little more challenging than others, but a perfect score is possible if you just think about it. All you need is your mouse to play.



  • eddielagato

    What do you do for the last one? I figured them all out except for “Which living”

    • serenitydan


      the living one has a pulse

      • SenorFeesh

        How do you determine that? I tried watching for a breathing motion or anything of that nature… or does this only work with vibrate-enabled devices?

        • SenorFeesh

          Wait, never mind, I got it :P

    • Aggro

      Is it bad that i got the first 5 right b4 I figured out the circles were manipulable?

  • Morbox

    Feel its XXXXXXXX. If it’s dead it doesn’t have one, obviously.

  • Jason

    Something wrong with this for me. All I see with each question are to colored circles, exactly the same color and size…

  • Jason

    err two colored circles…

    • Kyle

      It took a few times to notice. You need to click on the circles, sometimes drag them, etc. Each has a different response.

      • thewood

        Use the words at the top “Which ______?” as a clue as to how you can manipulate the circles.

  • Mark Sahan

    Only one I haven’t gotten correct is the one about “Which light?” nothing happens for me

    • JohnoBoy

      Move the upper border, the lighter one floats

  • Noblood

    19/20 yay (no I didn’t fail at the “living one”, I don’t know which I failed at :/)

  • RaphaelKox

    The Ball one made me wow

  • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    Woot! 20/20!

  • Maelyn

    I can’t seem to figure out the which ice one. only one that stumped me.

    • Haf

      move them both around and release the mouse button while still moving. The icy one will continue to “slide”.