Tanooky Tracks [ GAME ]

I had a lot of fun playing Tanooky Tracks. It’s a cute little point ‘n’ click that shouldn’t take very long to finish, but will give you a chance to stretch your deduction muscles as you find all the Tanookys.

source: Kongregate



    Stuck on Rachel, she’s the lat one I need, but I can’ find the f-ing last coin I need >.<


      Nevermind, found it, the coins were the hardest part about this, the rest was rather easy XD

      • Damian

        I think it took me longer to find the last coin than it did to find the other tanookies

  • Nobody

    Got all but Shnooky. Can’t find the last ball to finish it.

  • Sigurther

    Hah. Didn’t get the three items for three levels until I saw the orange couch with the flame pattern. At first, I thought it was snorkel on the first floor, shoes on the second, boxers on third then tanuki on the fourth.

  • Triaxx2

    Argh, does this sight design make it awkward to play on a wide monitor. I keep getting close and then hitting one of th links at the top.