Stable Boy [ GAME ]

Stable Boy is a fun point-and-click adventure game to kill some time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. There’s lots of objects to find in this game, it has a cute and clever story, plus four different endings, too. Definitely a fun time waster.

source: Dream-Bot


  • Shep

    Well I got the cabbage, and then wandered off the playable screen :(

  • Eyebrows

    Aside the typo on the main page (of Dueling Analogs) it is kinda fun
    Unless the typo was intentional, in which case does keep with the theme of the game

  • Holy Dragoon

    Well i got 102% and a fire badge… not sure if i can do anything else since i already grabbed the dragons tooth and got ending 4. That cucumber even seems bugged though, serves no purpose lol. I’m guessing fire badge involves boyscouts, not sure if i can give it to anyone…

    • Nobody

      You need the sickle to harvest the cucumbers. You get that from getting poop on both hands(poop pile and feeding the cat a fish).

      How did you kill the dragon? Bow and cabage don’t work and I can’t get anyone to teach me magic.

      • Holy Dragoon

        right you use the sickle to harvest cucumbers but it felt like something should have happened after you gave the husband them… and you have to start with the fishing rod to get magic i believe

  • Holy Dragoon

    No idea if you can kill the butterfly either… but if you trap him in the corner and run up to it… the butterfly eats your face :)

  • Boots

    Ok so I just got endings 1 3 and 4 or was it 1 2 and 4? Either way Im only missing one ending. I got the ending with the witch, the horse and the dragon, what ending’s left?

    • Boots

      I’ve also got 104%

    • Holy Dragoon

      Did you do the one where you kill the horse?

  • Tom

    Did all 4 endings – but what about the lady that want to get sLAID by the Dragon sLayer? :)

    • Yeah, I thought that was going to be an ending as well. But she wound up being nothing but talk.