Slimevolution [ GAME ]

In Slimevolution, you play as a little slime that eats and evolve. That’s about it. It’s fun, but the controls take a little getting used to.

W A S D ~ to move your slime
arrow keys ~ to shoot (after your slime has evolved to do so)


  • Current Residetn

    Bats will not attack until after your first evolve (speed up). So, just let the slime sit there while the flowers grow all around. Once the screen is full have at them for a very quick evolve.

  • WorMzy

    Cute. WASD is difficult to use on a dvorak keyboad though..

  • PrinceJonathan

    It’s so simple, yet so fun, but god damn the controls make my wrists hurt!!!

  • Phaelin

    Would be 10 times better if I could just speed up the first few evolutions. UGH

    • Phaelin

      Also, the hitbox is huge.

  • kgy121

    Goddamn bats!