Skinny – Fun, Free, Flash Game [ GAME ]

The object of Skinny, a game created by Tom Brush, is to help its protagonist…Skinny save the apocalyptic world from their minds. This game is clever, fun, beautiful and sounds good too. If fact the game’s sound is so good that it was the Winner of Best Audio for the Independent Propeller Awards at South by Southwest. Definitely worth the time to check it out.

Skinny - Fun, Free, Flash Game


  • Serneum

    I found it a bit short and the ending somewhat lacking, but overall I enjoyed the game. I loved the art style and the music. It reminded me a little of LIMBO with the art style, which is perfect since LIMBO is a 360 exclusive and I don’t have one.

  • Nuckel

    Yup, the ending is lacking. Though it’s a nice little time eater with artistic values. Just like Coma.