Shameless Clone 2 [ GAME ]

Shameless Clone 2 is definitely a very fun shoot’em up, especially for a web browser game. Personally, I became a little too op from level grinding, but was still fun ’til the end.

Personal recommendation: Use Octocat and if you do want to level grind, 8-bit World – Stage 1.

mouse ~ controls
SPACE ~ activate ultimate power
P or ESC ~ pause game

source: 5Games


  • Dash12345678

    I say you probably don’t need to grind to max out upgrades, you’d probably max out everything by the final level anyway.

    I was disappointed that there was no end of game cut-scene like the intro, or bonus unlock.

  • Halrawk

    I had about 3 things that were 1 level away from max when I finished. Last level was a crazy disappointment :(

    • Metal C0Mmander

      I do hope you mean the boss of of world 5 and not world 5-4.

      • Halrawk

        Ya the boss, kind of a disappointment. I found bowser to be harder.

  • Mygaffer

    “catched coins” is this an American dev team?