Sacrifice [ GAME ]

Simple, but fun, game where you have to make sacrifices in order to succeed.



  • Took me a couple of tries, but I got it.

  • Halrawk

    Yay! I won! Took a few tries though.

  • TheyCallMeTomu


  • M3G4

    Uh… got it on first try? Difficult to tell…

  • Caiza

    I can’t pass the fourth part!!!

    • Use the Ninja to pass the death beam and reach the lever.

      • Noblood

        I did that but everytime I pull the lever it tells me “die uselessly retry or go to title screen”

        • SenorFeesh

          I have the same problem :(

        • J

          After a bit of trial and error I got it: If you have the wrong combo for the next stage, you die even if the ninja gets the switch. Use the Striker on the first screen.

          • Xuncu

            Won using the Samurai first. It seems fairly flexible in what you can use, but yeh, use the Ninja on the death beam lever (or, as I assumed it was, waterfall of poison).

          • Caiza

            I was using the samurai in the first screen, now it worked, thank you all!

  • Troma

    And then the gamers complained enough to get a new ending released where sacrifice means nothing.

  • Xuncu

    Used Striker for the second, theif to get the sword, And the boss was cleric, wizard, knight, and Brave to finish.

    Or Striker, Knight, I guess any character with jump for the sword, either HP or speed for the green gradient stuff, I would guess cleric or Wizard, then wizard or cleric, and I’m mostly guessing that Brave *has to be last, since his sprite gets the blue sword.

  • Ido013

    You can’t finish with Cleric, Wizard, Striker, Brave because ninja is bugged with the switch.

    • Balthanon

      I finished with Cleric, Wizard, Striker, and Brave– bug must have been fixed.