Running Warrior [ GAME ]

Running Warrior adds some interesting twists to the endless scroller by including leveling up, new abilities and job classes. Controller might seem pretty simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.

source: Fliptic


  • Roah

    The controls suck. Mostly because they are all mapped to the arrow keys. Too bad, the game seemed to have promise.

    • What controls would you have used? It’s a flash game so natively mapping them to a controller would not work. Seemed like the most logical choices to me.

      • Razem

        The controls are terrible, especially running! Why set run to double tap right? Why not just have a separate button for run? When you’re the archer, you have to waste coins just to run. Then sometimes when you double tap you still don’t run. Then you always run a fixed distance which is really annoying making running through easy sections hard because every few inches you HAVE to walk slowly to get through without getting hit or falling into a pit.

  • Frankie D.

    It really is a terrible game… Having to rebuy the upgrades for every character, the controls, no save points, always restart as the last character you died as etc…

  • Caelenvasius

    It is stupid…the ranger cant hit shit with his arrows…

  • “!” means “Strong Enemy”- took me a while to figure out: you have the weak attack, and you buy a secondary attack (like the mage has an ice attack, Knight has a spiked club): the Preist doesn’t get a secondary attack; he gets the heal spell, so you can Tank your way past that last level, at the cost of Preist being near unable to kill anything except early bats (it’s attack is basically useless).
    And I have this wierd problem where hitting down makes me scroll down on this page…
    And yeah, Ranger’s shots are crap.

  • Michael c.

    This isn’t a bad game, but it could definitely be better. Like say, not requiring a player to have to start all the way back at the beginning when they inevitably die…

  • 06th

    Archer’s attack is pretty overpowered, it can hit things that are going to become ! before they do. You just have to time it right or spam it.
    The run function seems to be meant for changing the timing on stationary obstacles in comparison to moving enemies, rather than just getting through places quicker.
    It’s really easy to get more coins than you can use.

    A couple glitches I noticed. If you double click at the shop, sometimes you can buy multiple lucky coins. I was able to get enough lucky coins in one trip that I was getting 8 coins per coin picked up.
    The angel feather seems to sometimes be permanent and sometimes be single use. I don’t know which was intended.

    If you could just repeat sections until you won this would be a really short game. It adopts a rather old-school Nintendo philosophy for making you keep trying until you can do the whole thing right back to back.