Pro Gamer [ GAME ]

Pro Gamer is a fun little game, especially when you consider it was made during a twenty-four hour jam session.

The premise is simple. You’re a gamer with a crappy chair and television. The better you game, the more money you make. The more money you make, the better stuff you can buy with the ultimate goal of buying a fresh cap.

The mini-games are simple, but effective little clones which include: Space Invaders, Dance Dance Revolution, Canabalt, Break Out, Frogger and Pole Position…sort of. If I honestly had a gripe with the game it would be that nothing happens after you purchase the fresh cap except you now have a fresh cap. But then again, isn’t that all gamers really want is just a fresh cap?

arrows keys ~ controls
mouse ~ to interact


  • Phaelin

    I had the same problem – once you have the cap, that’s it. You got your goal: the cap. Now what do you do all day? BACON AND GAMES. It’s actually Gamer Heaven and we just cannot accept it.

  • Dash12345678

    The only reason I’m actually putting any money into food is because I feel obligated to and it’s inexpensive when I make over $10,000 per game session.

    Not sure if that symbolically says anything about real life.

    For me, I think the lack of clarity for what each purchase will do for you is a bigger issue than the lacklustre reward for purchasing the fresh cap.

    • Phaelin

      Yeah, I finally figured out the following:

      Better Furniture: Extended gaming sessions (lives don’t matter if you run out of playtime)
      Better TV: Bigger screen (that’s it folks, far as I can tell)
      Food: Extra lives (useless if you’re good at those games, don’t carry over from session to session)