Princess Rescue a.k.a. Super Mario Bros. for the Atari 2600 [ GAME ]

Atari Age has released a Super Mario Bros. clone, called Princess Rescue, for the Atari 2600.

The retro gamer in me finds this completely awesome. I never thought an Atari version of Super Mario Bros. could look this good or even be capable of having scrolling levels. The regular gamer in me, on the other hand, is just okay with this. The Atari 2600 had mediocre game controls. So all I can expect is for my fun level and controls to be okay at best.

That said, I am definitely planning on adding this to my collection… Regardless of what I said above.

source: Atari Age
via: Polygon


  • ThisIsNotDan

    Would this actually be possible to play on an Atari 2600? I don’t know anything about AtariAge (the web site this came from), and I don’t know much about the Atari itself, but it looks like the sprites are too hi-res for the 2600.

    • Yeah, the link to Atari Age is to purchase a physical copy of the game for the Atari 2600. I think they just captured it from an emulator and that’s why it looks better than one might think.

      • ThisIsNotDan

        That’s cool that it’s not a joke or anything. If I had a working Atari 2600, I’d probably be interested in that! My hi-res comment was referring specifically to the number of Atari pixels that make up the sprites. I didn’t think the machine could render pixels that small. Then again, I knew it could render numbers like the ones on the screen up there, and those are obviously made of smaller pixels, so I guess I was just speaking out of ignorance.

        • Gacu666

          Of course it can. Remember Pitfall on 2600!

  • CJ

    I’d consider getting it but I’d have to play it on mute the music is painful compared to the nes.

    • It was the best I could do. You have limited waveforms and notes at your disposal on the Atari. The sound in the Atari was really just designed to do sound effects.