One Chance – Fun, Free, Flash Game [ GAME ]

In six days, every living cell on Planet Earth will be dead.

You have one chance.

source: Newgrounds


  • Wilerson

    Or many, if you are a damn cheater like I am and clear the Flash cache. :P

  • X_Intolerable_X

    That’s what I did.

  • Seawee

    I would kill for a lfowchart of this game..

    • Armane


      So far I’ve seen 6 central storyline variations:
      1. Wife killed herself (go into work when everyone comes to your house, and work).
      2. Wife didn’t kill herself, I got killed (don’t go into work when everyone comes to your house, then go into work the following day, and don’t defend yourself).
      3. Wife didn’t kill herself, I avoided getting killed, came home, everyone is dead (same as above, except defend yourself).
      4. Wife killed herself, final day I saved myself, and it’s left ambiguous whether I saved Molly (work every day).
      5. Wife drove off with Molly (same as 1. except when Annie asks if you want to leave work, do so).
      6. Wife killed herself, Molly says she’s feeling unwell and dies (same as 1. except on the penultimate day go to the park).

      1., 3., 5., & 6. result in death by the same three means; jumping off building (can do this at nearly any time in nearly any route), dying in the park, or dying in the lab.

      I don’t think there are any other endings.

      The only 2 scenes I haven’t touched on, are:
      Going for drinks on the first day, no changes beyond that scene.
      Going home on the day the boss talks to you on the roof, changes the next morning with your wife.
      Both lock you out of ending 4.

      • Anony

        If you compare the images for ending 4, your daughter’s color comes back.

  • Steeley42

    I do not need to replay. I am satisfied with the ending of the one chance I got. I will live with my actions. I’m a little depressed, but at least I still have my daughter.