Ninja Senki – Fun, Free, PC Game [ GAME ]

Ninja Senki - Fun, Free, PC Game
Ninja Senki is finally available for the PC for download at and it’s FREE! For Mac users who don’t run Boot Camp, Parallels or VMware Fusion I suggest trying WineBottler… Nevermind. WineBottler doesn’t work. Did I mention it’s free?



  • Lax

    I’d be surprised if they actually charged for this thing…

    • Why? It’s better than most .99 cent iPhone apps and looks better than most of them, as well. I could see this being on the DSi, or a mobile phone easily. And I don’t think somewhere between .99 – $4.95 for the product would be an unreasonable price either.

    • Adje

      Totally agree! If this were on steam I wouldn’t have hesitated to pay for it, especially with native controller support.

  • thehoban

    Just to throw it out there I would recommend VirtualBox over Winebottler. (Don’t worry, it’s free!)