Micro Thief [ GAME ]

Short and sweet, but still pretty amazing when you think that each screen of the game is technically just an 18 x 64 pixel area.

source: OMGames


  • sgotsch

    Awesome! 272s on the first try. :$
    Also use the Spacebar – quite helpful.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Does not appear to work properly for me, so I have abandoned taking an interest in it.

  • Sparanda

    Cool game bro. Needs more portals.

  • clovervidia

    369s. Pretty fun game. Probably will be back later to try again.

  • Alastor

    Whoo! 249 seconds. It’s fun.

  • 158 secs on first try, I have a feeling it can be done in like 120 at least

  • BaloogyMcBoy

    Nice, 186 seconds first try, despite a bunch of messed up jumps :/ Pretty neat game, I love those micro experiences :)

  • Blur

    304 seconds on the first try.

  • Blur

    304 seconds on the first try. Not a bad game at all.

  • kwerboom

    175 seconds first full time through. Got stuck the first time.

  • Aviem

    156 seconds :)

  • X_Intolerable_X

    I’m jealous of the little guy’s dance moves on the win screen.

  • 221 seconds. Now back to productivity!

  • Rick

    323 seconds of not actually working = awesome

  • Ionie

    147, first try! Actually quite interesting how a simple-as-that kind of game can keep one occupied for up to 6-7 minutes or so! O.o Simple and sweet!

  • Henry

    242 seconds. I feel like I could shave off at least 40 if I tried a second time.

  • mlsterben

    That was a fun 210 seconds. I’d like to see a widescreen mode, though. :P

  • ThePinkSpartan

    122 seconds was the best i could do after mapping the whole thing out with screen shots and planning my route. 120 is my guess for a ‘perfect’ time.

  • EL cholo


  • EL cholo

    102 – almost perfect

  • EL cholo

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSS 100 !!! I’m done

  • EL cholo

    98 and it can be faster

  • EL cholo

    95 !!! if you dont hit your head and miss any jumps it´s possible

  • ya

    321 secs!