Mega Man 11…But Not Quite [ GAME ]

Rokko Chan PosingAre you patiently waiting for the release of Mega Man 11? Odds are you might want to get used to waiting. But if you want something to hold you over in the interim, I highly recommend Rokko Chan.

Now I don’t want you to think that Rokko Chan is just another Mega Man clone. No, there’s tons of differences between the two games. You see, instead of Mega Man, like in the Mega Man games, you have Rokko Chan. And instead of Dr. Light you have Dr. Sane. And instead of Dr. Wily you have Dr. Mad. And…Well, that’s about where the differences end. But you know what? That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

You see, Rokko Chan is more of an homage to the Mega Man series than a clone. It knows what it’s doing and it’s not trying to hide it either. This is really one creators love letter to the Mega Man franchise.

Still, Rokko Chan‘s strongest quality is that it is available to play right now, online and for free. So if you’ve got the time to kill, I definitely recommend checking it out.