Infectonator 2 [ GAME ]

You like destroying the world with a zombie infestation? Sure, we all do. And with Infectonator 2 you can do just that.

Fun game, even though it feels a little unfair when you’re starting off. But after you start upgrading your infestation it’s a whole new world.

Mouse ~ Spread virus
Arrow keys / W A S D ~ Move level
Scroll up / down ~ Zoom in/Zoom out
Z key ~ Full view
X key ~ Normal view
Esc ~ Options
O ~ View objectives
+/- ~ Fast forward/ normal speed
1 ~ Virus
2 – 4 ~ Use Support
5 – 8 ~ Summon special zombies

source: Armor Games


  • Loved the first game. Now let’s see how the second holds up!

  • anon

    An interesting slideshow. I look forward to the day they make a game out of it.

  • PrinceJonathan

    One thing that irks me about this game is there really isn’t a satisfying ending. I was kind of hoping the zombies would attack the television station and assault that big breasted newscaster.

    And the support zombies seem to be weaker than in the first game. Although that might be because I had already maxed the main virus before I started on them.

    • 06th

      Support zombies are amazing early game, just to be able to put more things on the map. They lose value towards the end, I mostly just relied on Freddy and Jason for buffs. But yeah, the game didn’t finish strong at all.

    • Metal C0Mmander

      Well technicaly there is one but only if you manage to destroy all cities and it’s pretty much just a picture. So you didn’t miss anything of value

  • prime_pm

    Christ, I already spent all Saturday playing this damn game on Newgrounds. No more for me.

  • Mygaffer

    An example of a game design that can utilize micro-payments but still be fun. For awhile at least.