Free the Prince! [ GAME ]

Free the Prince! is a pretty simple puzzle explorer. Where it’s your job, as the Princess, to rescue the Prince from some rubust man who wants who’s into BDSM…I kid you not, this is in the opening sequence. Nonetheless, as far as I have played its a cute SFW work game.

source: Gamer Google


  • Jixamn

    Anyone wondering, Arrows to move. Z & X are actions.

  • Pernoda

    It’s cute. My only problem is that the playable area seems to be larger than the frame the game is in meaning I can’t see where the princess goes when she goes past the frame.

    • Alex

      Try to zoom in page (i.e. Ctrl-+). Worked for me.

      • BigLord

        Thanks. Worked for me too, I guess the embed isn’t working properly :P

  • Wazat

    Grr… The first few sections where you have to randomly try note buttons weren’t bad, but when I reached the one with 5 buttons it became intolerable. Too many combinations, not enough fun. Am I supposed to be listening for a song to imitate or something? I’m not hearing much beyond the too-loud-can’t-be-turned-off music. :(

    Too bad. Charming game otherwise.

    • Metal C0Mmander

      You simply have to go crescendo I.E. from the lower note to the higher one.

      • Nobody

        The music puzzles would be so much easier without the background music. The difference in the notes is very minor and the loud base throws you off.

  • Lord Milkman

    The looping music is annoying, agreed. As is the character’s movement sounds. Gah.

    This game also seems very afraid that you won’t know where it comes from.

  • J

    “Gamer Google”? Really? They couldn’t pick a slightly less famous name? Or at least go all the way and include a SEARCH FUNCTION. Then again, it’s been around for almost 7 weeks and no apparent action from Google.

    Also, boo to pop-unders. I made the mistake of loading the site with Adblock off. Ick.

  • Ido013

    I hate games like this where you can’t turn off the music :/