esPoir [ GAME ]

Short game, only three levels long and shouldn’t take but a few minutes to finish. But if the original Portal game taught us anything it’s that it’s not the length of the game that makes it good or not.

Enter key ~ to start
Arrow keys ~ to move
Up arrow key, Space key, Ctrl key ~ to jump


  • Nice game. I like how they have you walk in dead ends and change where you just came from. … From where you just came. Now it sounds dirty.

    The limited FOV is usually irksome. Most of the time when I encounter it in games, it’s done for no proper reason other than to intentionally make things difficult. Think of the first Dragon Warrior for the NES. There was no reason to have it dark other than to have you go stumbling about to make the game longer. In esPoir, this is done properly: It contributes to the difficulty of the game, but it also adds to the spooky element. Especially when you have OMG WTF IS THAT BEHIND YOU!?! DOUBLE OGM WHERE IS IT I BETTER KEPT RUNNING!!! I NEED CLEAN UNDERWEAR POWERUP!!!

    tl;dr Cool game bro.

  • Tokoshoran

    I can’t even get past the first floor… The slowdown makes the monster always catch up.

  • PrinceJonathan

    espoir…apparently it means “hope”…after playing this it’s more like “nope”.

    • TaMa

      Why “nope” :p There is always hope !

      • PrinceJonathan

        Will I make this jump? “nope”
        Will I get across these spikes? “nope”
        Will I get away from that thing chasing me? “nope”
        Will I get that key? “nope”
        Will I get the secret ending? “nope”

        I died so much this game started to remind me of another game about a girl trying to escape hell, naturally everything is trying to kill her, and she dies an uncountable number of times. When she finally makes it to the
        exit, a demon congratulates her and gives her back every memory of every death she had suffered on her journey. This experience shatters her mind and she never makes it those final steps to freedom.

        • Phaelin

          Oh cool, any link to that?

          Anyway, this one was pretty boss, once I figured out the way to get the true ending.

          • PrinceJonathan

            I don’t think Steve would like me linking people to something like that. I think it’s called Demonophobia, you’ll just have to Google it. But be warned it’s very very…disgusting…and most definitely NSFW or anything else for that matter.

            The only reason this game reminded me of Demonophobia was with the sheer amount of deaths I racked up, I started wondering what was going through the little guy’s mind, he must be so broken by now.

            Oh and I finally got the true ending. When you reach the 3rd level do not grab the Silver Key, go for the Gold Key first, the monster will retreat when you grab it and you can then take the long way back to grab the Silver Key, which you will then use on the Silver Door in the last level.

            The true ending was still lame though, you just climb a big staircase to the exit, credits roll, The End. I was expecting at least some bright light to chase away the darkness followed by some fancy philosophical poetry about hope…but “nope”.