Click the Frog [ GAME ]

Fun, free, flash game full of frogs, clicking and…Well, that’s about it. But it’s still makes a fun midday distraction. Enjoy!



  • Phaelin

    This game is eating my life away!

  • BigLord

    Very nice flash game. Loved its concept.

  • Holy Dragoon

    ugg i couldn’t get 5 stars on popping and the click 5 each… although if i spent more time i could prob get the popping hit 24 lol……

    • Phaelin

      I can’t manage the “5 each” or the car. Or the “run away” one.

  • HaroldO

    And THAT’S why I can’t play RTS

  • Falos

    Impossible? get. Sometimes I think I you can milk an extra frame or two past 0:00, like on the 12 arithmetics or 25 pops. Stacking a mouse and trackpad makes the car easy.

  • Shadow Links

    Gah! 59 stars. Stupid phone number typing. 5 Stars on everything else.