Click. Make. Play. [ GAME ]

Click the blocks. Make music. Be unproductive. Play.

This interactive flash piece is pretty self-explanatory. The program continuously loops through a 16 x 16 tile grid. Every time this loop discovers one of blocks you’ve clicked on, it plays the audio for that piece. The audio pitch for the tiles goes from high to low from top to bottom. And that’s about it.

I have definitely wasted a lot of time playing with this “game” over the years. Still, I’ve never actually tried to recreated the loop for any known melody in it, but I do see any reason that you can’t. Seems like it could be fun to try. Just might have to give that a shot.

source: SEMBEO


  • Shroom

    This… is awesome.

  • chif ii

    Goddamn mo-fo awesome.

  • Mordordevil

    Click and hold button. Drag mouse around. Blow out ear drums.

  • Tpex

    I could play this all night…

  • Moongoat

    if you’re done wasting your first two hours on that, play this next:

  • Smee

    Dude, you should allow people to share the songs they made!

    • X_Intolerable_X

      All you have to do is grab a screenshot of what you made and share that pic with whoever wants it.

  • AL7AIR <- Try This :)

  • trippy as hell! SWEET!!!

  • Meiriana

    You know this is so addictive that I’ve even got my mother to start playing it..
    good work on that xD

  • Randomgamerdude

    I want this thing on my website.

  • Peter

    now I’m puking rainbow