Avengers’ Stark Tower Playset [ GAME ]

Okay, I’m not quite sure how to classify this, but I did find myself dragging the characters from one room to another just to try to discover new unlockables. Basically you unlock bonuses and find hidden goodies by moving certain characters into certain rooms or by discovering hidden triggers. They can be pretty tricky at times to figure them out, but it’s funny when you do. Plus, certain drama will unlock mini-comics that are simply adorable.

» Click on the character and comic icons to add objects to the stage. Click again to deactivate them.
» Change outfits by clicking on the options in the character menu.
» If you close the menu you can reopen it by clicking on any of the computers in Stark Tower.
» Keep track of the items you’ve unlocked and uncovered with the score counters and checklist.
» Drag frames and emotes over your scenes to create your own comic panel.

source: deviantART