Weekend After Post Show E3 Discussion [ ETERNAL LINKS ]

It’s been ten days since E3 ended. That’s given us more than enough time to take in what we saw and for Microsoft to backpedal on the Xbox One’s DRM policy [1].81% of IGN readers said that Sony “won” E3 [2], but to be honest that’s not what I am interested in discussing. I really want to know what did you see at E3 that you were really excited about? Did Sony wow you? Did the Xbox One impress? Does the lineup of Nintendo’s first-party titles excite? I want to know.

I’ve never regularly posed open questions on the site since the forums were removed back in 2009. So this is test-pilot to see if I do them again in the future. If you have an opinion on the matter, I encourage you to share it below. I always read the comments on the site and look forward to seeing what you have to say on the topic.