Video Game Hype vs. Legacy [ ETERNAL LINKS ]

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Why do I say this? Because if you look on the homepage of Dueling Analogs you will see that this post does not appear nor is there a link in the main navigation to a “discussions” section of the site. You can inevitably find it via search results, but in general people won’t. This is just a little way that I like to open dialog with people who actually want to be on Dueling Analogs (hopefully) and not simply the general populace. So once again, thank you.

Why are we having this discussion?

So why am I having another discussion on Dueling Analogs? I mean, I haven’t had one since July of last year, so why now?

First off, I do enjoy talking to you guys. If you’ve ever met me at a convention, I am very personable. I might be hesitant about sharing specifics about my personal life, but I do love talking to you guys and reading what you have to say in the comment sections.

Second, I’m looking to branch out what kind of content appears on Dueling Analogs this year. One of the ways is by having more original articles added to the site’s mixture. I was thinking about an article about video games that inevitably did not live up to the PR hype, but I wanted to make sure that the overall “top ten” were included in the article. And that’s why I’m reaching out to you.

Let’s begin!

There are a lot of video games that seem poised for epic success, but when they’re finally released they simply fade away. Now I’m not talking about games like Beyond Good and Evil, which never really found their audience during their initial launch, but still have a cult following. I’m talking about games like Heavenly Sword, Legendary: The Box, or Naughty Bear which had tons of publicity before their launch, but afterwards people barely remember they ever even existed in the first place.

Looking to take whatever we discuss here and put together a top ten list of video games that didn’t live up to their hype. Not asking everyone to offer up their own top ten suggestions, but a few they might thing deserve to be on the list and why. If you see that someone already mentioned a title you would have included, let me know. The more people that concur, the more likely it will appear on the list.

And judging by how successful this discussion is, will decide how often they appear in the future. Please comment below, so your opinion can be counted. Thanks again!