Zombie Chowder [ COMIC ]

First off, I want to thank Richard from Bored and Evil for his help with this comic. No, he didn’t give me the idea or help with the artwork. He came over and entertained my daughter in the other room so that I could finish this comic before Tuesday. Thank you immensely!

Next, I need to draw your attention to this shirt that Shawn Handyside of Staccato fame created. Its a really cool Dead Rising inspired shirt. I’ve been meaning to pick one up. Hopefully, he brings some to ConnectiCon next week. So I can pilfer buy one from him.

Don’t ask me why, but currently I have chosen to play Rumble Roses XX instead of Dead Rising. Why? Because those achievements are so excruciating to get, that when I have all 1000 points people will think one of three things… I am just a pervert, I am sadomasochist or I am a sadomasochistic pervert. Seriously, its not fun.

Final Fantasy I is finally out for the PSP. I need to pick up a copy on Friday so I can bring it with me up to ConnectiCon.

Lastly, the name of today’s comic, Zombie Chowder, is a parody of the manga Zombie Powder. Which I am currently reading and definitely recommend picking up.