You’re My Best Friend [ COMIC ]

That got dark, rather quickly.


  • Sketchy Raccoon

    Water doesn’t behave like that…

    • Metal C0Mmander

      What do you mean?

      • callak _

        Well, it’s hard to say about the water. It’s coming from somewhere, and how high it gets will really depend on the pressure on both ends of the pipes. Once it equalizes, the water in the pit shouldn’t get any higher.

        • Even if the water could reach the top of the hole and started overflowing, it appears that all Ash would have to do is hook his arms around the bars and form his hands into a makeshift snorkel to keep breathing.

          • Raidi

            but for how long coud he keep this up?

  • Sigurther

    Wow, that’s dark. Also, Pikachu coulda just got him a straw or a pipe to breath through, then found someone with a hacksaw.

  • Bear Franklin

    it in the script. ash dies.
    the straw will not be big enough.

  • Orangezforus

    I don’t recall Pikachu forgetting iron tail

  • William Doe

    Reminds me of that scene in Heat where DeNiro’s character finds Danny Trejo’s character in his home nearly dead. After a talk Trejo asks his friend DeNiro to kill him since he was already bleeding out and didn’t want to die slowly. DeNiro points his gun down at his head. Then a quick cut to an outside view of the home during the evening and you see lights flash out of the windows while hearing a gunshot.