Your Smartphone Relationship [ COMIC ]

Once you have a smartphone, unfortunately, there is no going back. It’s your own personal drug and it’s available all the time.

Your smartphone is your planner, alarm clock, radio, calculator, video player, gaming device, and personal computer all in a device smaller enough to carry in your pocket. Once you have one, it’s ridiculously hard to live without one. Sad, but true.


  • Haohmaru

    The mouth at the bottom of the smartphone is not working for.

    • jnite

      Oh goodness! I didn’t even notice that mouth until after I read your comment. I assumed the small line right below the eyes was the mouth. I mean that is the direction where the speech bubbles are coming from. That mouth at the bottom is definitely weird looking.

  • JP

    Whoever made this forgot to show the smartphone telling a NSA agent on the side: “Ok, here’s where my owner has been lately, whom he called and when, every pic he has taken in my camera…”

  • yue

    No going back?
    Only if you’re one of those “social” people. I’m not, so the phone just sit there on the side until I find something I even want to do on it, otherwise It’s all about my PC.