Your Package has Arrived [ COMIC ]

So who is the largest third-party developer right now: Is it EA or Activision? I remember it was EA, but then Activision took that spot. Not really seeing much bad PR for Activision at the moment, so that’s why I was thinking it was EA again. I kid you not, I remember when Activision was named the number one third-party developer, there was a huge backlash about how much they sucked. Haven’t heard much of that lately, but then again Activision hasn’t released SimCity recently either.

source: MediocreComic
via: Reddit


  • BigLord

    Well, both EA and Activision ARE douchebags when they want to be.

    • Mygaffer

      And they always want to be.

  • Nomotos

    The thing is, Activision did have the SimCity debacle first. It was called Diablo 3. They had it fixed the next day though.
    Except for PvP, which will never exist.

    • Alastor

      Next day? Yeah… no. Try a week to a month, depending on where you are.

      • Stefanos

        You know? As much as I hate Activision/Blizzard (they permabanned one of my two wow accounts)
        I was able to play D3 without issues from day one. And I’m down in Uruguay.

  • Yue

    With digital distribution there’s almost no need for publishers anymore anyway… unless you can’t fund your games yourself