You Down Wit’ NPC?! [ COMIC ]

Steve: Hi, my name is Steve.

Group: Hi, Steve!

Steve: And I used to be an NPC.

I think everyone has to start off as an NPC, before they can learn how to become an adventurer.


  • Phaelin

    Don’t be an NPC! Be an adventurer!

  • asquian

    No! You’re Torneko Taloon(if you’re a boy) or Recette(if you’re a girl)!

    • Any discussion that can reference Torneko automatically becomes awesome!

  • H3xx

    I had this realization about a month into my first job. I then had a Haruhi Suzumia moment when I realized that every single one of the roughly six billion people on this planet has a life that is as relatively complex as mine, if not more so. Unfortunately I didn’t become a god, as far as I know.

    • Sabbo

      Seven billion, now.

  • Usyra

    …Oh my god. I never realized until now. I AM an NPC!

  • CoolDude

    And that’s why video game store clerks are not gamers themselves! If they’re gamers, They’ll become horrified at what they have become! An NPC!

  • Xuncu

    My father’s an NPC: repeats the same shit over and over, while holding poses for absolutley no reason.

  • Drakind

    Eeehh… being a adventurer is overrated, its just a friendlier name för “murderous hobo”.

  • thewood

    I’m a whitewater raft guide, I think I’m more adventurer than NPC.

  • Zem

    You mean, you’re a person who was a job and not a straggler who robs wandering monsters and people’s homes for rupees to get by?
    I’m down with that.