You Can Fly? [ COMIC ]

Unorthodox or not, I think I would kill to have a Dodrio that flies like that.


  • Chaos

    Oh yeah, I forgot Golurk could somehow learn Fly. That’s pretty kickass.

    • Zeroneox

      In the anime, what is shown here is exactly how Golurk flies. It’s really bizarre for a ghost type but, this is Pokemon. Where Scyther can not learn fly, despite having wings.

  • hi

    how about the pikachu that knew fly

  • Tatsurou

    Gen 5 is my fave

  • Alexander

    Gen 2 looks like it’s the most comfortable ride.

    Gen 6 looks like it’s the most UNcomfortable ride.

    Gen 3 looks like it’s the most FUN ride! 8D

    • meh

      Gen 3 would actually not be that exciting, because Tropius in the game/show just flaps his wings. I don’t really get why they made him spinning around in this comic (aside from a joke that makes no sense). It would be exactly as accurate as showing any normal bird pokemon rotating for no reason.

      • Alexander

        “he only flaps his wings”

        Not if you clip them >8D

  • meh

    Why is Tropius rotating? He has regular wings.