You All Think This Way [ COMIC ]

My thoughts are, “I hope I don’t die. I haven’t deleted my browsing history recently.”

source: angimoto


  • CoolDude

    Thought of this comic while driving to the game store to buy Bioshock Infinite yesterday

    • Yue

      You wouldn’t have to drive to a game store if you were a PC gamer.

      • Kaligomalus

        yeah, because there would be a good likelihood that whichever game you wanted was not released on the PC. The new Bioshock being an obvious exception.

  • Vinicius

    Ithink about this every day while I wait for Pandoras Tower.

  • Anonymous

    Forget browsing history, I’d need to wipe my hard drive…

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      I would agree with you, but I’m using my identifier user handle, so I don’t want to admit to the absolute filth that is on my hard drive.

      … !@#$