Yo Momma Is So Bad with Computers… [ COMIC ]

I have this exact same fear any time I go to visit my mother. No telling what kind of malware or taskbar she has installed since the last time I was there. In all honesty, I think as long as she can still play her games on Facebook she doesn’t really care.


  • porkroll


    But there is a way to keep your mom safe and your sanity intact: give her Windows 7 and make her Windows account a Standard User account without admin rights. If the account your mom logs in on is the only active account on Windows 7, you will first need to enable to the Administrator account by following the instructions here:

    Once enabled, log into the Administrator account and change her account’s type from Administrator to Standard User. (You will also want to put a password on the Administrator account itself to deny her admin rights.)

    In addition, install a decent antivirus like ESET, BitDefender, or Kaspersky (or at least the free Microsoft Security Essentials) and a full copy of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware that runs and protects all time (You can grab a lifetime license off Ebay for $15).

    These steps will make her system pretty airtight and will make your life heck of a lot saner.

    • David

      Yeah. I do this with my dad too. I have to put up with a lot of moaning and groaning from him because he likes to pretend he’s tech savvy and doesn’t think he needs to be treated like a child, but the simple fact is that his old computers would end up running like crap a month or two after he brought them yet years later his Windows 7 machine still runs like the day I set it up.

      Even on my own PC I don’t use the admin account. Worst case scenario is it takes an extra five minutes to install something because it clashes with temp admin access and I have to upgrade my account to make it all the way through the installer.

  • Sky Render

    Amusingly, it’s my dad who’s the main source of the malware and viruses that infect my parents’ computer. Which is twice as funny since he used to work in the software development industry and really should know better.

    • bidoopoo

      That online porn gets you every time.

      • Sky Render

        It’s even more idiotic than that. He purposely disabled pop-up blocking AND ad blocking because he likes to look at advertisements. He’ll click on anything that tries to sell him things he doesn’t need. I’m just glad he doesn’t actually buy any of it, even if it does cause his PC to be a hive of malware, viruses, and toolbars concealing malware and viruses.

  • Yue

    And for it, it seems that everyone, regardless of their ages around me, are dumb idiots who install ALL the toolbars. Thankfully, most people I know use Opera(by my recommendation), toolbars are not compatible with it.

  • Jack

    Chromebooks are awesome for this. I can hand one my mum with no setup/administration and she can click all the links without getting malware.