Xed Box [ COMIC ]

Now the divine trinity is complete. You’ve got Harvey a Nintendo “fanboy” [1], you’ve got Jeremy the Sony PR Gnome [2] and now you’ve got an Xed Box. Maybe now the Microsoft fanboys can start to offset the hate mail I get from the Sony ones. That is of course if they stop jerking off to Vista long enough to do it.

I added the logo to Gamers Pair of Dice to Harvey’s shirt. Felt like spreading some love to my webcomic homies.

Lastly, you’ve got to read this article on Joystiq.com. It discusses how 2007 Penny Arcade Expo is on par to be about the same size as the 2006 E3. What makes this so friggin’ sweet is that something this colossal is the offspring of a webcomic. Truly shows the only limitations with webcomics are those we set for ourselves. Congrats Tycho and Gabe.