X-ray Vision [ COMIC ]

I’m a little worried about this comic. Not sure if it’s a little too abstract or unconventional to get what I’m saying. I really hope the jokes are conveyed because I really liked how the artwork in this strip turned out.

Update: Thanks for the comments. Overall, I’m getting the impression that you guys are understanding the x-rays or if not initially you’re at least giving it a second to try to figure them out. Nonetheless, thanks.

That’s about it. And thanks for all the awesome comments for the previous comic. You guys had some really good ideas. Might if swipe a couple for a future comic. Thanks again!


  • David Herbert

    Birdo looks like a street walker even as a skeleton.

  • Shenny

    Don’t run! It’s just HAM!

  • The middle one took me half a minute to understand, but once I did it was the one I liked most.

  • Hush

    Delicious Sandvich!

  • Tom

    I actually have an anatomy of a heavy poster. Valve sells them :D

  • Lax

    The Heavy – still just as amusing :D

  • Randomgamerdude

    The Birdo one was the one I got at first, the first one I didn’t get until I saw the cake and even then Idk if I REALLY get it, the middle one…*woosh*

  • Crotalidian

    got first one straight off then noticed hidden detail later, Birdo one is gread especially the skull location! Middle one took a while but agree that all in all its probably my fav once I spotted it!

    Art Style is top notch too, if you can think of a few more maybe we could have a poster for it?

  • Mega

    Who’s the middle one?

  • Zombat

    I think its the guy from Grim Fandigo

  • Atomsk

    just another reason to be freaked out about birdo, i mean i think that might haunt my nightmares now

  • Nuckel

    Hm, doesn’t Heavy chew his food? It’s magic!
    The middle one is supposed to be Manuel Calavera from Grim Fandango. That pic looks freaky but according to this comic it’s just the other way around with him. This will haunt me from now on… -_-
    Hehe, and Birdo’s snout is actually just fitting a totally diferent purpose as we can see here…

  • Grimloche

    k I get heavy and I get birdo….who’s the middle supposed to be?

    • Grimloche

      And yes I see the tiny tiny printed names but they look like a blur and can’t make out what they say.

      I can’t even make out the game it’s from.

  • Andrew

    If you want to read the text and you happen to use Firefox, there is a plugin called Image Zoom that allows you to zoom in on images (obviously) and from that it’s fairly simple to read the text even if it is blurry. Yes, I know it’s cheating, I’ve been out of the loop for a while so I didn’t know the references right away.

    • codespace

      Or just hold Ctrl+mousewheel up.

  • Reina Sweet

    I generally like your comics for, if I don’t get the joke right off then I shall read your news post or some other side portion of your comic and then goaded into a google trip that teaches me more video game lore.

    With this, I had to wait for comments to show up mentioning that the center is from grim fandango to get that (I couldn’t make out that the squiggly mess on his face was teeth at first), I still don’t understand why a cake inside a heavy is amusing (I don’t play TF2), the last one is the most obvious to me but still might throw someone off.

    My recommendations would be to make the source / name data on the left a little larger OR to include information in the post with it giving us a little lore about each of those games (not necessarily explaining the joke. Just one that would allow a google search to explain it).

    • There already are! The tags at the bottom of the news post tell what is in the comic.

  • Neil Dickerson

    Just so you all know, the first one is the TF2 Heavy. That is NOT cake (AKA: Not a reference to Portal’s “The cake is a lie” meme) but a Sandvich (http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Sandvich)

  • Brandon

    With Birdo, all I can think of is the South Park episode where Martha Stewart jams a turkey up her ass. “Yeah… get it in there.”

  • Wutata

    Oh, this is just great. Now I want to play through Grim Fandango. AGAIN. Ach, Manny Calavera.

  • Alan Smith

    Reminds me of another famous comic: “this ain’t no mouth, ya know”.

    I guess this definitely proves it.

  • David

    I had to read the comments to get the Grim Fandango one, but once I realised who it was I thought it was funny. It also took me a minute to get the Birdo one. For some reason I had Yoshi mechanics in my head, so I was trying to figure out why Birdo would suck something into its butt, then spit it out and throw it.

  • John

    I still have zero clue on the Birdo one, the other two were immediately obvious. #gamereferencefail

    • That was the easiest one to get. So clearly the #gamereferencefail is not the comic’s fault.

  • brian

    surprised people had a hard time understanding the birdo one. and unless i am understanding it horribly wrong, the best way to figure it out is to think about what birdo does then look at the x-ray.

    • bidoopoo

      Oh God….

      The hours I spent playing Super Mario 2, riding those eggs for fun, and I was really riding on egg-shaped poos the whole time?

  • Guy

    There is alot of hit and miss comics on here and this time it would be a miss. The first problem I will note is that a comic should be self contain and having to go down into comments or into the news post to figure it out is not a well design comic. With that said the tags on the side, was the right step to help clarify what the comic was. The problem was it was too small. Even after zooming in on the image I could not make out the words very clearly.
    Now another good point is that the comic is defiantly original and if it was used else where I haven’t seen it myself. The first panel was perfect as you can see everything perfectly. That was the only panel I got but not because of clarity. The second one is nicely done as I could see that fine as well but I am not familur with that game so I missed out on it so not deducting points for that. The last panel is your most important panel since this is your punch line, or how it was set up for this joke. The problem is Birdo is not very clear image. Its a jumble of outlining image and the skeleton mixing together. I’m still looking at it and I think I get the punch line but even then I’m not even clear if that was your intention the first place.
    Over all it was a nice start and was a original comic. It just fell apart at the end for really only one reason. Keep it up thou as I know you can do it.

  • Paul

    the Heavy one i got straight away, the middle one i didn’t get until i read the comments (but that’s probably since i haven’t played Grim Fandango), and it took me a minute or two of looking at the Birdo one to get it, still, good comic nonetheless!

  • GumbyX84

    I easily got the first two, but the Birdo one I am still confused aout. Wouldn’t it be more apt to have a chicken shoved up his/her/it’s snout? I don’t think Coneheads lay eggs. Or am I totally missing something?? If so, can anyone just post what the heck it supposed to be so we all can just get it and be done with the guessing?

    • JapJay

      Go to youtube and watch a “birdo battle” video. I don’t want to just spell it out but think about where Birdo shoots eggs from and where eggs would normally come from.

      • GumbyX84

        …. I get WHY is being shown. Birdo shoots eggs out of his/her/its mouth. Yes I get that its a person pooping out eggs. If I didn’t get that why would I suggest a chicken be in its snout in my last post? My question is why. People don’t lay eggs or shoot them out their butts with lethal force. And it would be painful if they started pooping out fireballs.

        Also, why not just say it outright? Its not like its a secret to everyone…….

  • Hak

    ah can unseen