WoWing the Audience [ COMIC ]

Is this really how new “features” are introduced in World of Warcraft? Wow.

source: MadamUtzsar


  • Atmey

    If they did circle wheels everyone will finish the game in the quarter on intended time.

    • Kaemon

      You probably didn’t saw the conference that this webcomic is related to. The “circular wheels” that people were asking for was actually “Vanilla WoW Servers”, which were harder and took way moy time to “finish”.
      But Blizzard was like: “You ask for that, but don’t really want that, because you don’t know what you want, you want the casual shit we are doing now”… while forcing pirate vanilla-servers like Nostalrius (with tons of players) to close or get demanded.
      Is not about the circle wheel being smooth & easy, is about the Octagon and Triangle wheels (each further WoW expansion) being stupid and “fucking” the formula in many people’s eyes.

  • Metal C0Mmander

    You know what I absolutly agree with this way of making content. People will say they want something not knowing all the things that feature would change about the game or how much ressources it would take to implement. Sure there’s room for improvement with Blizzard telling why they do the things they do but almost no company does that.

  • Farant

    Pretty accurate. “Want housing? How about… garrisons?!”
    Later: “Garrisons suck and being treated as a super important commander (who really has nothing to say) sucks, too.”
    Blizzard: “Yeah, yeah, but listen – We have new garrisons and you get to be treated like a super-duper ultra important highlord of whatever!”