Worth His Weight in Salt [ COMIC ]

My mouth gets dry just looking at this comic.

Update: Is it just me or does Booker look like David Tennant in the last frame?


  • lazy

    Oh look, another “you scoff down alot of food in infinite lol” joke.

    • Adam

      Sounds like you’re getting rather salty about this subject.

      • Annales

        I think he means the joke is running sour.

        • Stop being so bitter!

          • Michael

            How sweet of you to care so much.

          • Another taste pun

            Oh man, do I savor this train of puns.

          • Xuncu

            Oh, quit being so saccharin.

  • Shaows

    Yes he does look like David Tennant.

  • Teroniss

    I literally thought the same thing when I looked at the fourth panel. Which makes sense, since this game is Timey Whimey as all FUCK

  • Phaelin

    David Tennant to play Booker DeWitt in The Movie.