Why Politicians are Wrong About Video Game Violence [ COMIC ]

If the recent media coverage has demonstrated anything, video games don’t make people violent. Partial government shutdowns make people violent.

source: brentalfloss the comic


  • A_R_

    Meh, he’s too young to get it – pantless crime is the best crime :D

    • bidoopoo

      Pantsless crime is great, until you get caught and have to spend the night in jail in your undies.

      There’s a reason that place is called the “pokey” people.

  • PJ Bottoms

    The ironic thing about this is politicians are the ones who actually make me violent.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    You know, we had a political comic that didn’t bring up anything controversial (for the people of this site, anyway).

    And then, you ruined it by bringing up the shutdown.

    C’mon man. C’mon.

    • Mygaffer

      I don’t see anyone getting partisan in the comments here and he didn’t get partisan himself, so I don’t see the problem.

  • Sigurther

    I think what people should really worry about is… What causes violent videogames? Eh? Eh? Bet you never thought of that!

  • Callback

    The most violent urges caused by a video game tend to appear immediately after finishing a round of Mario Party.

    • Lost

      im still looking for an open pig farm to dispose of the bodys of the last game… let me tell you blood on a white carpet is just hell to even make “look” cleen let alone remove all reminates of the bodys

  • Andrew Phelps

    Adam Lanza literally tried to kill has many people as he could to have a “higher score”. He had excel spreedsheets and other research on his computer where he had been looking for ideal targets. And he went for the best soft-target he could find…A bunch of defenseless children.

    I should add, im 30, raised to value human life, games mindless entertainment, guns are tools, like steak knives. Would die killing little cowardly bastards like this punk trying to get a “high score”.