Who Needs HM’s? [ COMIC ]

The bad part is that you actually need a certain extent of this kind of video game logic to keep games interesting. Sure its fun to joke about, but its necessary. So next time an insurmountable knee-high tree, a locked picket fence or even a strategically placed folding chair that’s blocking your forward progress, just say to yourself, “AH… I see what you did there!”

source: deviantART


  • BigLord

    The problem is more akin to “Pokémons get dumb when not battling another pokémon and can’t use any of their moves… except very specific ones”, heh :P

    • Tatsurou

      I always thought of it as “It’s illegal to use these moves outside battle unless you have the right badges”, and the game not giving you the choice to join Team Rocket.

  • Sky Render

    I can’t believe you didn’t reference the funniest “insurmountable waist-high fence” ever: a trail of ants that the soft-hearted protagonist doesn’t want to step on.

  • Paul

    You think knee high trees are annoying in Pokemon? They’re far worse in reality… and when I say “knee high trees” I mean toddlers.

    • bidoopoo

      Trip them when no one is looking. Deny it, because nobody is gonna believe a grown adult would just randomly trip a small child for no reason.

  • H3xx

    I teach my starter Cut. It does decent damage and has a crap ton of PP. Not so great for the late game, but that’s what the Move Deleter is for. It helps from having to have useless, under-leveled HM Slaves clogging up your team.

  • Karma_the_Draconequus

    it makes more sense now that its a tall thorny bush instead of a sapling in the latest gen