Where Waldo’s Story Began [ COMIC ]

It now makes perfect sense why Waldo has always been so hard to find. I like the idea that Waldo was raised and trained by ninjas is a clever idea. Of course, there’s still one person that would have no trouble finding him…

Deadpool finds WaldoDeadpool finds Waldo
source: Meme Center


  • WorMzy

    I still don’t understand why you guys renamed him. Is “Wally” offensive over there or something? o.O

    • No, it’s not offensive. Apparently the U.S. publishers just felt the name “Wally” wouldn’t work with American readers. Which is probably true. “Wally” is more like a real name to us than “Waldo”. It’s not a common name now, but there were a lot of famous people named “Wally” (e.g., actor Wally Cox, astronaut Wally Schirra, cartoonist Wally Wood, etc.). For famous “Waldo”s, you have to go to middle names, e.g., Ralph Waldo Emerson. Or the cartoon character of “Uncle Waldo” from the old Hoppity Hooper cartoon. :-)

    • Sec

      Well, I think since the target audience are kids, they tried to use more familiar names, i.e. here in Germany he is been called Walter and denmark Holger.

  • Alexander

    That animated .gif is SO going on my facebook wall! That’s just too hilarious to NOT share.