When You Don’t Play Along with the Story… [ COMIC ]

First off, if playing a game in this manner sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend checking out The Stanley Parable. Or if you don’t feel like playing it, just watch one of the countless YouTubers that did a Let’s Play video on the game.

As far as this comic goes, the first thing I thought of was the original Dragon Warrior Quest game. I was originally going to post a video that shows the alternate ending you get, when you accept the Dragon Lord’s offer to share half of the world with him. Then I learned, by watching another video, that the game actually had four possible endings and not just two.

Mind Blown

So I felt that that was the better video to share.

Seriously. I have beaten that game numerous times, over the decades, and I never knew that.

Dragon Warrior – NES – 4 Possible Endings

source: Emblim