When I Was Your Age… [ COMIC ]

While I can easily understand where this commentary is coming from, I can also speculate that it was coming from someone who doesn’t have children. The fact that he’s hanging out and having coffee with a friend, whom is carrying a journal, contributes to my theory. If he would have had children, he probably wouldn’t be hanging out with anyone or even hanging out at all. Just saying…


  • Annales

    I so do agree. Can’t remember last time i had somebody over let even played video games on my tv with someone.
    Where did all that go?

  • Nugmar

    Soooooooooo what you’re saying, to a comic character, is that when I was this age I was exhausted from raising a kid. Which WOULD be impressive if like 98% of humans hadn’t been doing that for the last ten thousand years.

    I’ll never understand why first time parents don’t already know that raising a kid is going to be a pain. I’ve never had a child because I KNOW that there will be nights where the kid has had a nightmare and wants to sleep in my bed, will then pee in it, and I will want sleep more at that moment than I will want to clean up the wee in my bed.

    Listen to me, you will get puked on in public, and decide not to clean it off, because it’s just going to happen again! THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU!