What’s So Great About Mewtwo, Anyway? [ COMIC ]

Mewtwo, eh…You know who I want to see more of in Smash Bros. games? Other companies’ characters. Nintendo has shown more care and respect for the different video game companies’ licensed characters than the companies that created them. Prime example is Mega Man. Awesome in Smash Bros., but nothing more than a costume swap in anything recent from Capcom. For shame…


  • Ido013


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  • MrB

    How does he put on the shirt?

    • Tokoshoran

      Yeah, there should be an inverse-collar to button around the… loop thingy. What do you even call that? But, yeah, pants for animals with tails involves a button to fasten it on the other side of the tail, they could do something for a shirt for Mewtwo.

      • Xuncu

        I’m 90% sure it’s his brainstem/spinal chord.

        Also, he could just teleport into that shirt/vest.

  • Xuncu

    Well, my favorite in his moveset was the sideways toss that also sprayed shadowballs across the screen: usually only 3-5ish hit the thrown character, but if you did it at the edge of the arena, you could hit everyone else in the fight, as well.

    Plus: http://s11.postimg.org/ta2xvcs5f/lucario_wallofshame.jpg
    And: http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=326

  • Chaos

    Still waiting on Metagross to be a playable character.

    His taunt is the announcer saying “HE’S GOING IN DRY, FOLKS!”

  • prime_pm

    I imagined this with H. Jon Benjamin as the voice of Mewtwo. Anyone else?

  • Not a whole lot of other third-party characters who would need Nintendo’s help like Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man did. Hell, there’s not a whole lot of third-party companies that deserve a character on a Smash Roster. Square Enix is probably the only one left who even has a chance.