What’s a Noobian? [ COMIC ]

So we all know that Mortal Kombat comes out next Tuesday. Well, I was asked yesterday which platform I would be buying Mortal Kombat for… If I get the PS3 version I get Kratos [1], but if I get the Xbox 360 version I get to play against all my friends. Hmm… Well, I guess I need to get some new friends. ;)

Noob Saibot, featured in today’s comic, is a character that original started as a palette swap and turned into something really awesome. If you’re not familiar with Noob’s awesome history, I highly recommend you remedy that immediately [2]. I also highly recommend you check out his awesome game trailer for the new Mortal Kombat below, as well.

Oh… If you’re wondering if the character in this comic looks familiar, he’s the host from the Halo Restaurant in the guest strip, The Halo Experience [3], that the guys from The Crooked Gremlins [4] created for Dueling Analogs last year.