Whatchamacallit? [ COMIC ]

That’s always been something that bothers me. A both prime and current example of this is The Walking Dead. Seriously, it’s as if the story takes place in a universe very similar to ours, but with one small difference: George A. Romero never existed…And there’s zombies walkers everywhere.

As far as I know, there’s no copyright on using the term zombie. So if there isn’t then why not just use it? Are you trying to be original? If so, then why are you making anything about zombies? Also, is your next project an FPS set during World War II? Lastly, why am I asking so many question?


  • Luiz Alves

    Don’t use the Z word! Because it’s ridiculous! – Shaun of the Dead

    Seriously though, this pretty much happens in every movie adaptation. Take any comic book hero film, for example.

  • David

    Because zombies can’t exist in a world that knows what zombies are. An outbreak can’t happen if people have the slightest clue how to react without it looking ridiculous. Zombies are so slow and useless that they’ll never gain enough numbers to be a threat if people know not to get bit.
    It’s why the opening of most zombies movies is about 15 minutes of people going ‘what’s that? I better get closer to this clearly dangerous person’ and then jumping straight into the mouths of the zombies. After the main cast has figured out what a zombie is it takes a hundred to one to kill even the most useless member of the group.

    • Halrawk

      That was crazy well thought out.

      • FuzzyWulfe

        On the other hand, an outbreak could occur because we’d try to convince ourselves it’s not a real zombie apocalypse since we have no real frame of reference for something like that. Which is more likely, that thing shambling towards you is a zombie or a street bum with psychological issues? Seeing zombies in fiction is easy because we go in knowing they are zombies. There are areas where homeless people migrate in herds every day. If you were freaked out because it’s dark and quiet in the park in the middle of the night and saw a bunch of them walking out into the moonlight, I’m hoping you wouldn’t start headshotting them all. The mind tries to rationalize everything, and zombies aren’t really rational.

        • David

          Ah but that’s the catch. In the real world we’re more afraid of the things we’d convince ourselves they were. People cross the road when a street bum is a mile away. Nobody walks up to a crack head intentionally. If you lock yourself in your house and pretend it’s not happening you’re actually doing the best thing you can during the early stages of a zombie outbreak.
          You’re sitting at home safe because the amount of zombies running around is so low that they’re on par with a rabbid dog being loose. The waist high windows in the average house are enough to keep zombies out or at least buy enough time to go into another room and jam the door closed (if a zombie manages to notice you’re home, get to the window, smash it even though it doesn’t understand glass, then climb in. I’ve always been confused on that, can zombies climb? They’re not smart enough but they do).
          If someone gets bit, locks themself inside, then turns that doesn’t actually add to the zombie numbers because zombie-them is cut off from the rest of the world (same goes with anyone hiding in a car then turning). Their undead career is over before they turn a single person, and turning two friends who turn two friends is how the outbreak works.
          Meanwhile the police force stands strong against the zombies because they’re trained to deal with junkies who are far harder to handle without getting bit, scratched or stabbed than any zombie.

          Back on the original subject though the best zombie outbreak reaction I’ve ever seen is in the Left 4 Dead promo webcomic for the DLC that bridges L4D and L4D2. I won’t spoil it for anyone but Zoey and her Dad know what zombies are and make their decisions accordingly. I highly recommend looking it up.

          • MasterVayne

            That was an awesome comic, I didn’t play a lot of L4D but I still got all the little references to gameplay. Good read.

            As for a real zombie apocalypse, I think gamers will reign supreme. Who’s complaining about video games causing violence when we’ve killed all the damn walkers? Hell, I think people who play video games may have the easier time separating zombies from the people they were before. Normal people won’t be able to break the mental connection and will get their faces chewed off by someone they knew.

  • Wilerson

    At the Walking Dead comics, characters get embarrassed using the word ‘zombie’ at first, but after a while, get used to it.

  • jeffers

    Actually, I remember reading an interview where Kirkman explained why they didnt know much about them at first in the Walking Dead, and, funnily enough, its exactly what you said. Romero never existed so zombies never took off in popular culture, although they clearly have heard of them, as @Wilerson said

  • Phaelin

    Even Romero didn’t like the term “zombie”, so you will almost never see it used in his movies.

  • Kabanzai

    Because They’re walkers, not zombies. Movie zombies are infected, walkers, or corpses. XD

  • Corey Murray

    Besides, zombies are a ridiculous concept anyway. Most, if not all, zombie media ignores simple biology about how decomposing flesh works. You can read more about it in the Cracked.com article about how a real-life zombie outbreak would fail after a very short period of time.

    Now, a robot apocalypse I can understand. Perhaps the only way to make sure you weren’t killed by a robot if that happened would be to turn yourself into a cyborg.

    I’m sorry, but robot apocalypses just seem more plausible to me than zombie ones.