What if Order of the Stick… [ COMIC ]

My newest ongoing theme, not to be confused with my previous ongoing themes like the Rejected Mega Man Villains or the Games that I am glad were never made…, is the What if…? series. Basically I draw and write Dueling Analogs like it was done by the creator(s) of another gaming webcomic (I did something similar for a week over at the outer circle). Its going to be fun, well at least for me that is.

Today’s strip is based on Rich Burlew’s award winning gaming webcomic Order of the Stick. Order of the Stick is based on the rules of Dungeons and Dragons (Can I have a Mountain Dew?). Its an awesome gaming webcomic and whether or not you are into DandD its definitely worth checking out.

…And just incase you are wondering, Harvey is dressed as a Cleric of Lathander.