What a Brock!! [ COMIC ]

Does this count as a bad touch?

How crappy would it be if people could actually do this to you in the world of Pokémon? If they did ever add the functionality for other people to evolve your Pokémon, they would probably have to add the ability to devolve them, as well.

Devolution is possible in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, but not in any of the video games. If I know Nintendo, it’s only a matter of time before they include that option in one of the new installments.


  • Alexander

    I love Pika- oh, sorry, I love RAICHU’s face in the last panel. Poor thing looks so traumatized…..

  • David

    Gee Pikachu, living inside the Poke Ball is starting to seem like a pretty smart idea now isn’t it?

  • Azure Orichalcum von Iak

    Thinking about it, Devolution would be neat for any pokemon that can evolve into different pokemon. Like any Eeveelution.