Webbie of Deception [ COMIC ]

Ever since I first saw the initial trailer for the new Bionic Commando, I’ve always thought it looked like Spider-Man with a gun… and the ability to only use one web shooter. Granted, that’s really the only logically way Bionic Commando would look in a 3-D environment. It still doesn’t change the way I perceive it. Though all will be forgiven is Grand Master D winds up being the end boss.

Did you hear about E3 2009? It’s not going to be that little rinky-dink thing of the past two years. There’s a chance that it might be like the E3 of yesteryears. And I still might get my chance to have my own “I remember when I attended E3” story. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Done for the week. See you Monday!