We Wish You a Retro Christmas! [ COMIC ]

This philosophy presented in this comic is the reason why there will always be a Nintendo.


  • BigLord

    Aaaaaand now I want Ryu in Super Smash Bros.

    Holy crap how would that even work?

    • White Rice

      Hmm…he’d be sized like any of the fire emblem characters, would probably have a 3-4 hit basic combo (punchs & a kick maybe) Standard special for hadouken, side for tatsumakI…his kick thing. Up special for shoryuken. Not sure what down would be…maybe some sort of standing power hit (like his side kick from 3, or his downward punch thing from alpha 2 and onward) Final smash would be the giant, marvel vs capcom style shinku hadouken (giant lasers everywhere) and he would be awesome. Capcom did throw megaman over to smash, but I doubt they’d want to throw a current fighting game character of theirs into anything they could see as competition (why buy street fighter 5 if I already have Ryu in smash?)

      • wryy

        Mario practically is Ryu using all his specials.
        Fireball, Tornado and uppercut.

    • Raxyz

      Someday Nintendo vs Capcom might just go out, after all, we know Capcom wants to face off everyone…

  • And now the Author is making a damned fine docu/tainment thing on game devs. =3